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Very nice set, this festival seems to be really great... Your pictures to show us everything are just superb...Cheers :)


The cordero looks almost real.


antoher perfectly captured cultural event/tradition


Amazing festival. As someone else mentioned there seem to be so many festivals in the Philippines. What a rich culture it is.


banda 12 a full brass band that you can hear three blocks away hahaha. Interesting to see it through your lens Sidney.

Human interest photos are treasures and collected by NGS. Some people see it too often here and thus dismiss it as plain and ordinary.

The merry month of fiestas May. I am amazed at the passion, energy and time they have put into making the cordero.

Thanks for sharing your images Sidney!


Wow, pretty impressive this event.
You people do such colourful things over there!


It looks like a clay to me, pottery designed lamb converted to a ceramic deco! This is just great! Many thanks Sidney for sharing this, didn't know about this lamb thing :) !

Ashish Sidapara

Looks like your place is full of festive all around the year, lovely series as always!!

kevin anonymous

nice lamb.

the woman in the 4th picture looks familiar. politician?

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

Love the lamb or whatever it is made from always great story telling element to your shots.


Some beautifully captured shots of the procession...well done!


Wow, such pomp and pageantry. I am amused to see trappings of religions and churches that bear no connection to spirituality.


oui , des festivals partout et aussi de la misère mais peut-être l'un explique l'autre.


i like the third picture.. with all those roses.. :) nice.





> life seems to be one constant chain of festivals :-)

hmm .. je souhaite qu'il y aura des fêtes pour les gens de science, leur découvertes comme décartes, darwin, newton, pascal, einstein, stephen hawking, etc (surtout ceux qui vient des philippines et c'est assez bizarre car je ne sais personne).


Your posts with the photos always says more than a thousand words. This was no exceptions!
Thanks for your nice wishes:-)


The election campaign material in the posts in the first pic are such an eyesore, don't cha think?

That pic of the cordero underneath the pink roses is fantastic!


A mashed patatoe lamb !!!You always know how to surprise ! Makes me immediately think of the communion ice lambs (filled with grenadine, chop of the head and it bleeds, you know ?) that are a tradition here.


Tena koe ehoa
Excellent nativity Sidney, tghe holy porcession exudes happiness and celebration.


From your blog Sidney, life seems to be one constant chain of festivals :-)

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